A New Beginning for 2018

Happy New Year, everyone!!! May this year hold peace, love and joy for you and yours!

For those of you who have been following us for a while, you know we have been really quiet on the blogging front for some time. The truth is, we got busy with other aspects of our lives and purposefully disconnected from the public as we moved in different directions.

Caitlin got busy with her law career. She practices family law in Atlanta, GA. When we first published our first book, she was fresh out of law school, and actually put her law career on hold in order to write and launch the book. She is now settled into her career, and likely won’t be as involved with 95% Vegan as she once was. Such is the case with young professionals finding their way. Having a singular focus career-wise is pretty much needed when you are just starting out and making your mark.

I too got busy with my professional career – that is, the part that provides the best financial support. New authors can rarely make enough money from their book to support themselves, so eventually they get back to a real job:-)

As many of you know, I have been a dietitian, pharmacist and Certified Diabetes Educator for decades. I have worked with thousands of patients with their nutrition, weight loss, and diabetes management goals. More recently, my personal journey led me to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. But 2017 led me to a new place I am so excited about….

I studied at Duke University’s Center for Integrative Medicine to become an Integrative Health Coach. Being a health coach is much different than just teaching people prescribed therapies. It is all about helping clients achieve optimal health: body, mind and spirit.

Optimal health is not just about the presence or absence of disease. It is about aligning the body, mind and spirit as a whole to achieve what you envision as your optimal health. It incorporates your personal values that drive why you want to achieve this vision of optimal health. Integrative Health Coaches work with the whole person. We listen to your unique story and ask powerful questions to help you access your strengths to enable you to make the changes you desire. We spend time exploring what is most important to you and allow you to choose your course of action.

I work in partnership with my clients to set goals, identify obstacles to change, and create strategies for moving forward toward your goals. I support my clients in tracking their progress and hold them accountable for their commitments.

The best part for me at this stage in my life is that the coaching is done by phone, Skype, or other electronic means. This means I can coach anyone who speaks English from anywhere in the world!

If you would like more information about the process, including my offer of a 20 minute complimentary coaching session to see if integrative health coaching is for you, please visit my new website at www.PeakPerformanceIHC.com

Because integrative health coaching is not advising, per se, I will be keeping that work separate from my 95% Vegan Diet work, unless a client has specific needs relating to becoming vegan-ish. But please note I do not judge – you do not have to want to become 95% vegan in order for me to work with you. I will meet you where you are, hold your hand, and walk your journey with you, whatever that looks like.

So here 2018 begins…a new year, a new way to work with people, and even a new location…more about that at another time, along with some other personal changes/growth:-)

Best wishes to all of you!


Dr. Jamie Noll, Pharm.D., L.D., CDE


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