About 95% Vegan


How We Started

Dr. Jamie Noll and her daughter Caitlin began following a primarily plant-based diet after being deeply affected by worldwide population studies that showed the devastating health effects of animal fats and proteins in our diets. Experimenting with new ingredients and recipes was often difficult; it felt like there was no bridge between the science of “why to go plant-based” and the often-complicated recipes found in vegan cookbooks.  In 2012, the mother-daughter team realized that their journey uniquely positioned them to build that bridge and teach people the exact “how to’s” of transitioning to a mostly plant-based or 95% vegan diet. They wrote The 95% Vegan Diet as an insider’s guide for going plant-based the healthy and realistic way.

Who We Are

Dr Jamie Noll

Dr. Jamie Noll, Pharm.D, LD, CDE is a nutritionist, clinician, research scientist, and patient advocate.

Caitlin Hernon, JD

Caitlin Herndon, J.D. is a practicing attorney and serves as 95% Vegan’s kitchen creativity whiz

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