How To Press Tofu

Vegan cooking often includes tofu, and many recipes call for you to “press” it. The first time I saw that direction, I was totally bewildered and had to consult my friend “Google” for help. Basically, pressing tofu is a process that squeezes water out and helps the tofu cook and absorb flavors better. Below is a step by step guide with pictures to walk you through pressing tofu. For this method you need 2 cutting boards, a knife, paper towels, and something heavy (like a kettle full of water). Note that this method only works for firm varieties of tofu.

First, create an opening in the tofu package and drain the water from the package.


Next, layer several paper towels on top of a cutting board and lay your tofu block on them.


Slice your tofu into roughly equal pieces, no more than 1 inch thick, and lay them flat.


Next, cover the tofu with several more paper towels and the other cutting board.


Add your heavy object, and let everything sit for at least 30 minutes. If you’re in a hurry, you can also bear your weight down on the top cutting board to reduce the pressing time. At the 15 minute mark you may want to check your paper towels. If they are saturated with water, go ahead and replace them with dry towels and then leave the tofu to be pressed the remaining 15 minutes.


And that’s it for pressing tofu! Now your tofu is ready to be cooked into a delicious dish.


I hope this has been a helpful guide. If there are other cooking topics you have questions about, please let us know in the comments!




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